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Like most organizations, the team at ORG has a diverse collection of experience, ideas, and thoughts. All powerful and necessary for organizations to thrive, but present challenges if it’s not managed well. The secret is to bring everyone together in a unified way. Collaboration is a core practice that touches everything we do.

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The Top Six Losers in the VW Debacle

As the Volkswagen emissions story continues to unfold, the scale of the damages and the scope of who stands to suffer and how continues to expand.

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Part 3: Early NQWC experiments succeed in at major U.S. employers

Early NQWC experiments succeed in bringing labor and management together at major U.S. employers

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Part 2: A Structure for Working Together

A Structure for Working Together – The National Quality of Work Center is Conceived

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Collaboration and Employee Engagement: Ideas Whose Time Has Come - Again!

This is the first installment of a six-part blog series from Overland Resource Group, exploring the past, the current state, and the future of union-management collaboration and employee engagement. 

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Voices, Votes, and External Influence: Labor Management History Repeats Itself

November 22, 2014 will be the 21st anniversary of the end of the Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA) strike at American Airlines. This is significant to me for several reasons– one is because I was there, in the middle, and I remember it like it was yesterday. The second is because recent history reminds me of the power of external influences on the labor- management process in the United States.

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Recognizing Labor's Contributions


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5 Keys to Build and Sustain Successful Labor-Management Collaboration

As I took to the podium for a panel discussion at the 66th Annual Meeting of the Labor and Employment Relations Association earlier this month, it was with a delightful trifecta of emotion:

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The Interest-Based Leadership Checklist: A Crucial Tool for Effectively Guiding Difficult Conversations

Part 3 of 3 in an Interest-Based Leadership series

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Labor History Does Repeat Itself

As the Con Edison lockout enters its 20th day, stories are emerging of workers who are struggling without healthcare coverage and supervisors who are exhausted from suddenly being thrust into 12 hour days covering the very physical jobs they held years ago.  To make matters worse, temperatures are hitting record highs, and the utility is being forced to lower wattages being supplied to segments of their customer base.

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