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Congress: Reaching Across the Aisle is not Such a Stretch; Labor & Management Show it Really Only Requires the Courage to Collaborate

Do you hear that great sigh?  It’s one of relief that this epic presidential campaign is finally behind us.  But that doesn’t mean an end to the power struggles and strife between and among the Executive and Legislative branches.  After such a close and rancorous race, our country is more divided than ever.  This does not bode well for the impending financial crisis that the December 31 “fiscal cliff” and the January 2 sequestration are predicted to ignite.

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The Twinkie War: An Intractable Conflict

A few years ago we began to incorporate into our practice an increasingly researched concept commonly referred to as “Intractable Conflict.” In the simplest terms , an Intractable Conflict is one in which the parties have become so incensed with one another that they choose to get even rather than to seek resolution to their disagreement, even though it will very likely result in their own demise.

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