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Why Employee Engagement Efforts Sometimes Fail and What You Can do About It! - Part 1

In today’s major corporations, you can hear terms such as “employee involvement,” “employee engagement,” and “high-performance teams” echoing through the hallways. Nearly every big company has some sort of engagement effort underway. This is in sharp contrast to 30 years ago, when I began my career. Back then, only a couple dozen prominent companies were experimenting in what was most often referred to as “participative management” or “socio-technical systems.”

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5 Proven Keys to Employee Engagement and Collaboration


Employee engagement. Seems that every time I look at Twitter, LinkedIn, or any leadership site someone is talking about it.

Yet with all this chatter, up to 88% of employees and 80% of leaders reportedly still do not have passion for their work.

Below are 5 keys to employee engagement that, if implemented consistently, have proven results in building a culture of collaboration and engagement.

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