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Five Surefire Ways to Create Distrust with Employee Surveys

While much can be learned by conducting employee surveys, many corporations have learned the hard way that poor surveying technique can do more harm than good. In fact, generally when executives are opposed to surveying, their opposition is based on poor experiences with surveying in the past.

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6 Tips for Employee Engagement from the Executive Coaching Playbook

Coaching is a powerful intervention for professional development and organization change. Individuals and teams at all levels of organizations worldwide are working with professional coaches, with great outcomes.

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Don' Let Honest Mistakes Kill Good Labor Management Relationships


Two stories out of a thousand…

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Civil Rights Movement Reveals Key to Sustainable Change

Recently, I had the pleasure of being a guest lecturer at the New York University Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service for a graduate study course on Labor Management Cooperation. My host was Arthur Matthews, an accomplished mediator, arbitrator and adjunct professor at NYU, Cornell and the Clinton School of Public Service at the University of Arkansas. A colleague of Howard’s, Kathy Drew-King also served as a guest lecturer for the course. Kathy is a Regional Attorney for the NLRB office serving the boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island in the City of New York, and Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

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Best & Worst of Labor Management Relations 2014-Where Are They Now?

At the end of last year, Overland Resource Group announced its annual Best & Worst of Labor Management Relations, highlighting what we felt were 2015’s “best” examples (UAW & Big Three Automakers), “worst” examples (Railway Labor Act), and gave Special Recognition to Salesforce for taking bold action to assure equal compensation for women and men. The 2015 list took a more macro-tack than previous years. We thought it interesting to revisit those named in our 2014 Best & Worst list to see what has changed in just over one year. Here are some highlights:

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4 Proven Ways to Prepare for and Overcome First Mistakes

It is not the “first mistake” that creates problems, and even hazards. It’s all the other mistakes that can follow. Allow me to explain.

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The Top Six Losers in the VW Debacle

As the Volkswagen emissions story continues to unfold, the scale of the damages and the scope of who stands to suffer and how continues to expand.

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Why Engagement Efforts Sometimes Fail and What You Can Do About It—Part 2

Part I explored the origins of employee engagement efforts, and identified some pioneering companies that enjoyed early successes. However, some early adopters of engagement practices have since shrunk or disappeared entirely. The first part identified three major causes of employee engagement failures at the organization wide level– bad strategy, poor integration, and the inability to transfer learning. In Part II, we look at three fundamental sources of employee engagement failure at the work team level, and suggest some remedies.

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Why Employee Engagement Efforts Sometimes Fail and What You Can do About It! - Part 1

In today’s major corporations, you can hear terms such as “employee involvement,” “engagement,” and “high performance teams” echoing through the hallways. Nearly every big company has some sort of engagement effort underway. This is in sharp contrast to 30 years ago, when I began my career. Back then, only a couple dozen prominent companies were experimenting in what was most often referred to as “participative management” or “socio-technical systems.”

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Part 6: Leaders Born or Made? Relevance for Employee Engagement & Labor-Management Cooperation?

This is the sixth installment of a blog series, “Collaboration and Employee Engagement; Ideas Whose Time Has Come, Again.” Earlier, we explored the beginnings of labor-management cooperation in the 1960s, the formation of the National Quality of Work Center (NQWC) that conceptualized collaboration between labor unions and management for shared benefit, and the early experiments that moved cooperation to become the new normal. Here in the last installment, we consider the significant evolution in leadership, management, and organizational thinking since the 60’s, the relevance for employee engagement and Labor management cooperation, and where labor and management cooperation fit in that context.

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