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Employee Engagement Versus Productivity – A New Study Reveals Whether One is More Important than the Other


Employee engagement efforts have become the go-to answer for fixing a host of common workforce issues. And while important, engagement is often given so much attention that organizations may lose sight of the end goal.

Why do organizations want engaged employees? There are several reasons, but most of them boil down to the fact that engaged employees are productive employees. Productivity affects the bottom line. So it makes sense to prioritize engagement, right?

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What Your Employees Really, Really Want

Grade-school students may get excited about a pizza party reward, but grown-up organizations can do better for their employees. Isn’t it time to get a little more creative? And we don’t mean just upping the ante by providing booze.

Simple rewards may be fun, and they have their place. But they’re not fulfilling, don’t foster commitment, and shouldn’t be confused with true engagement efforts.

Working Together—Not Against

Why Minding Your Own Business Doesn’t Work In Business.

The very idea of working together implies not working against, however this is not always the case. When it comes to collaboration, sometimes people get the idea that they are merely working alongside someone on a project or endeavor—not really as partners or teammates, but as individuals contributors.

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The Secret Science Behind Great Teams

From The Chicago Bulls to The Beatles, there’s one special thing that great teams have in common – chemistry. The way different personalities come together in the right way at the right time is where the magic of teamwork happens.

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An Open Letter to Leaders Who Don’t Believe in Engagement Surveys


You’re right, engagement surveys can be a colossal waste of time and money.
So why do you keep using them?

Have you fallen prey to any of these justifications:

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Master This Simple Skill to Become a Great Leader


It’s no newsflash that being a good listener is important. Human beings are hardwired with a fundamental need to feel heard. For most of us, hearing comes naturally—but true listening involves more than merely hearing. Listening is an art.

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Want Engaged Employees? Start with Fairness.


“I love my job and work hard every day because I’m treated poorly.” Said no employee, ever.

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Beyond Hope: A Strategy to Transform Your Organization

Day in, day out. You hope things will get better. Hope the seemingly constant tide of issues will finally subside. Hope your team will learn to work together. Hope the people problems will stop sabotaging productivity. Hope to actually have time to do what you are best at, the work you love to do.”

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We Practice What We Preach: Collaboration


Like most organizations, the team at ORG has a diverse collection of experience, ideas, and thoughts. All powerful and necessary for organizations to thrive, but present challenges if it’s not managed well. The secret is to bring everyone together in a unified way. Collaboration is a core practice that touches everything we do.

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5 Lessons From Using DISC Heat Maps On Us

Alchemy we call it, jokingly and fondly, this magic that binds a small, extremely diverse group of veteran professionals into a closely-knit team of change management consultants. It’s not magic, of course. It’s just that we do our best to practice the skills and competencies that we teach others.

Except when we don’t.

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