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Want Engaged Employees? Start with Fairness.


“I love my job and work hard every day because I’m treated poorly.” Said no employee, ever.

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5 Lessons From Using DISC Heat Maps On Us

Alchemy we call it, jokingly and fondly, this magic that binds a small, extremely diverse group of veteran professionals into a closely-knit team of change management consultants. It’s not magic, of course. It’s just that we do our best to practice the skills and competencies that we teach others.

Except when we don’t.

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7 Priorities For A New Leader In The First 100 Days

For those of us in the Leadership and Organization Transformation business the first 100 days of any new administration are vital.

It's an interesting time to reflect on what happens in any system when a new leadership team takes over. Franklin Roosevelt may have originated the idea of the First 100 Days in 1933, but in my experience, it’s quite a good milestone for any type of enterprise.  

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Don't Let Honest Mistakes Kill Good Labor Management Relationships


Two stories out of a thousand…

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Involving Union Leaders in the Budget Cycle Reaps Bottom-line and Relational Impact

Of all the management rights, budgetary responsibility is perhaps the one most tightly held. At the same time, some of the loudest laments we hear from management leaders are that employees do not understand the business, or the budgetary realities and financial constraints under which they must operate. Therein lies the root of a vicious cycle: in the spirit of protecting a coveted management right, leaders may inadvertently perpetuate an informational vacuum, which gets filled with misinformation, rumor and hearsay.

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Breakthrough Thinking + Collaboration = Something Special In Perth

Once in a while a story comes along that cuts through the chatter, clutter and cynicism that seem to permeate our collective conversation. These are the stories that keep alive a picture of what we can be when we're at our best together.

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Being in Tune: Collaboration Fosters Employee Satisfaction


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