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An Open Letter to Leaders Who Don’t Believe in Engagement Surveys


You’re right, engagement surveys can be a colossal waste of time and money.
So why do you keep using them?

Have you fallen prey to any of these justifications:

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Breakthrough Thinking + Collaboration = Something Special In Perth

Once in a while a story comes along that cuts through the chatter, clutter and cynicism that seem to permeate our collective conversation. These are the stories that keep alive a picture of what we can be when we're at our best together.

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Can Lean Manufacturing Be Implemented in a Union Environment?

I wrote a blog for Plant Services, an online magazine, titled “Lean Manufacturing: Can Employee Resistance be Transformed to Buy-In?

My response to the question was an emphatic “yes!” and the exploration of that topic got me thinking about my experiences with implementing Lean processes in union environments. So, to the obvious follow-up question, “Can lean manufacturing be implemented in a union environment?” my equally emphatic answer is “Yes, of course!”

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Labor-Management Collaboration on Communication Drives Business Improvement

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In organizations that are shifting toward higher levels of labor-management collaboration, “joint” communication that includes both management and union perspectives can demonstrate that organizational change is taking place in immediate and very visible ways. When employees see communication processes begin to reflect diverse perspectives– rather than strictly the company line or union messaging– it signals movement to a more open and honest environment and the development of collaborative relationships. Joint work and joint communication go hand and hand, each supporting and strengthening the other.

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Congress: Reaching Across the Aisle is not Such a Stretch; Labor & Management Show it Really Only Requires the Courage to Collaborate

Do you hear that great sigh?  It’s one of relief that this epic presidential campaign is finally behind us.  But that doesn’t mean an end to the power struggles and strife between and among the Executive and Legislative branches.  After such a close and rancorous race, our country is more divided than ever.  This does not bode well for the impending financial crisis that the December 31 “fiscal cliff” and the January 2 sequestration are predicted to ignite.

Topics: Breakthrough Collaboration Labor Management Leadership Sustainable Change