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It Does Not Have to be Us or Them

The battle in Wisconsin over public sector unions has left the state terribly divided. This Washington Post  piece from a couple of days ago quotes a range of people, describing an intensely polarized environment:

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Labor + Management Singing the Same Song = Beautiful Music

When it comes to labor-management relations, what typically dominates the headlines are the boisterous disagreements, emotional point-counterpoint arguments, and sad economic news of layoffs, lost benefits, even facility closures. And there’s an all too familiar refrain: labor blames management for failed leadership or corporate greed, while management cites excessive labor costs paralyzing the enterprise’s competitive ability.

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Actions Speak Volumes, When Words Merely Mumble

"Actions speak louder than words.” Whoever was the adage-maker on that one sure had it right! It’s an expression that invariably comes up when labor and management leaders discuss how they should go about articulating their commitment to working  together. The phrase garners knowing nods, agreement all around, “Well of course that’s true” type statements.

Topics: Collaboration Labor Management Leadership Overland Resource Group