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Working Together—Not Against

Why Minding Your Own Business Doesn’t Work In Business.

The very idea of working together implies not working against, however this is not always the case. When it comes to collaboration, sometimes people get the idea that they are merely working alongside someone on a project or endeavor—not really as partners or teammates, but as individuals contributors.

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The Secret Science Behind Great Teams

From The Chicago Bulls to The Beatles, there’s one special thing that great teams have in common – chemistry. The way different personalities come together in the right way at the right time is where the magic of teamwork happens.

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An Open Letter to Leaders Who Don’t Believe in Engagement Surveys


You’re right, engagement surveys can be a colossal waste of time and money.
So why do you keep using them?

Have you fallen prey to any of these justifications:

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Overland Resource Group – the next 20 years

For more than two decades now, the Overland Resource Group team has partnered with many dozens of organizations and their labor groups, facilitating transformational change in complex environments through collaboration.

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